Kirk & AnnIn a Perfect WorldNot being promiscuous in our Teen years gives us freedom from the emotional, physical, mental, relational, & Spiritual “baggage” that we carry into our future marriages; thereby promoting solid, healthy marriages & families; thereby establishing solid, healthy churches; thereby sending out solid, healthy missionaries to complete the Great Commission, thereby bringing God GLOBAL GLORY! As the Apostle John saw in Revelation 5:9-14 & 7:9-12 = representatives from “EVERY tribe, tongue, people & nation” gathered before God’s Throne giving Him their glory!

THAT’s Global Glory!!! This is what we are all about at GGM!!!

A BIG Problem with Completing the Great Commission is Missionary Attrition! TOO MANY missionaries leave the Mission Field WITHOUT completing their intended terms of service. A BIG reason for that is because some of the biggest problems on the mission field are relational problems – whether they are between husbands & their wives, parents & their children, between other missionaries on the field, or with the people they are trying to reach with the Gospel – MANY of us are “handicapped” (or at least “challenged”) relationally.

Another problem is some missionaries do not receive adequate training before embarking on their missionary endeavor. Without the proper “tools” & preparation to handle the problems & pressures on the field, they return home – sometimes broken & defeated.

This is where “Go Global Ministries” can help!

GGM is a teaching, equipping, & networking ministry.

In the area of “Relationships” our teachings & seminars impact relationships in primarily 2 areas –

1. Sexual Abstinence Training & Healthy Relationship Development for Teens (& their parents) called “W.A.I.T. Training”; and

2. Teachings on Marriage Enrichment; and by presenting the Mark Gungor seminar “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage”.

These address the Relational piece of the problem mentioned above.

Also, we have various teachings, seminars, & resources on “God’s Unchangeable Global Purpose”. Most of these are geared toward “Missions Mobilization” = expanding mission vision & involvement of & in the local church. These are tailored for The Local Church BEFORE a potential missionary candidate would go through their missionary training & field deployment.

Which brings us to the next piece in solving the problem mentioned above = “adequate training”. There are many good missionary training organizations out there. One of the best is “Heart of God Ministries” in Oklahoma City! (For further info, contact us or go to their website at www.heartofgod.com )

We also have 2 EXCELLENT teachings by John Maxwell on Leadership that we have obtained permission to teach.

Most of these teachings, seminars, & resources are also available in SPANISH – except “W.A.I.T. Training” is taught in English only. But we do have the WT handouts / curriculum in Spanish.

We pull from our 20+ years of ministry, on the Mission Field & in the USA, in bringing relevant teaching to Families, Marriages, Churches, Community Groups, Public & Private High Schools, Youth Groups, Missionary Training Bases, Retreats, etc…

Contact us to speak at your next Youth, Marriage, Missions, or Leadership event!

Cost (at this point in time): Our Expenses (Travel, Room, Food) and a “Love Offering” / Honorarium.

Please let us know if we can serve you!

For His Global ALL,

Kirk & Ann Krebs
krebsggm at yahoo dot com
“Go Global” Ministries